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Man and Van removals cannot accept liability for safely moving your plants, because they may suffer from a lack of water and light as well as probable temperature changes and movement while in the van. You may prefer to transport your house plants in the your car.
Moving houseplants and garden pot plants
Most of us will own at least a couple of houseplants that we want to take with us when we move
Plants help beautify and bring our homes and gardens to life. Years of loving care gets invested into to our houseplant’s development and maintenance. You may even talk to your plants like prince Charles, helping them to grow.

Man and Van offers some valuable moving tips to help you prepare so your plants survive the trip.
Ceramic pots full of dirt and plants can be heavy to move and are easily breakablesave cardboard they can sit on and place around
Water your plants the evening before or early on the day the plants are to be transported
Prune larger plants to ensure leaves are not damaged during transportation. This will also promote new growth to the plant it is not advisable to prune cacti or succulents.moving-van
If being placed in boxes air holes should be prepunched into the cartons in which the plants will be packed.
Make sure you have a box large enough to protect the leaves and tops of the plants. Secure the individual plants in the carton by placing padding packing paper around the pots between each plant.
When the plants reach your new home they should immediately be unpacked watered and fertilized.
Plants should be loaded last and unloaded first usually sitting on the back of the van because obviously they cannot be stacked so take up a lot of space
If you don’t want to empty your garden of plants then you can always take cuttings with you instead. Put them in a bag on damp paper or cotton wool you can transplant them in your new garden
Plants can be quite successfully moved in a dustbin liner that is tied at the top. This will help them retain moisture and although you do need to be careful as this isn’t the best of solutions and you might want to put the bag in a box for extra care Houseplants don’t have such urgent needs as they’ll still be in their pots but don’t overlook them either. Take them out of their boxes and any padding as soon as you can and leave them in a quiet place while you get on the rest of your unpacking.

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