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Moving House Cardboard Storage Boxes – Set of 15. Top quality walled boxes to pack your belongings in the correct way to prevent damage. Advice on packing your boxes Packing tips. Best online moving boxes and moving supplies delivered to your door next day, click here Boxes and Bubble wrap to order Now! buy removal boxes online.

Material guide
Large BoxCardboard Boxes a huge range of removal and storage boxes are available. The rule is the smaller the box the heavier the item so small boxes should be used for books cds ornaments and any small heavy items you wish to box. Large boxes should be used for light bulky household items such as pillows, coats, pots and pans. Blankets, bed linen and quilts can be placed in bin liners. Each cardboard box is made from high quality, strong and sturdy corrugated board. These storage, removal and archive boxes are fully recyclable and can be effortlessly flat packed for reuse. Alternatively you can decide to dispose of each box with recognition that they are fully eco-friendly and biodegradable your local council will recycle all cardboard paper produce.

Pack Large removal boxMoving Kits there are various size moving packs from a 1 bed roomed apartment to a ten bed roomed house. All come with a variety of packing essentials there is budget moving packs ideal for students or small flats and rooms. This pack comes with a variety of 20 different boxes, bubble wrap and tape. You can also add any amount of singular boxes to the moving packs, the packs go up to super jumbo pack which are delivered free and come with everything you will need to prepare for your house move. These moving packs are suitable for large family homes and consist of 20 Double Walled Cardboard Boxes (Medium), 15 x Double Walled Cardboard Box (Large), 10 x Double Walled Cardboard Box (Tea Chest), 5 x Bubble wrap (300mm wide x 10m long), 2 x Armchair Covers, 1 x 3 Seater Sofa Cover, 1 x Mattress Cover (Single), 1 x Mattress Cover (Double), 1 x Mattress Cover (King), 4 x Parcel Tape. Please note: Box Packs are a recommendation only. You may wish to add extra items depending on quantity of goods to be packed. 20 Medium Double Walled Cardboard Box, 15 Large Double Walled Cardboard Box, 10 Tea Chest Double Walled Cardboard Box, 5 x Bubble wrap 300mm wide by 10m long, 2 Armchair Covers, 1 3 Seater Sofa Cover, 1 Single Mattress Cove, 1 Double Mattress Cover, 1 King size Mattress Cover, 4 rolls of Parcel Tape. Please take note of Box Packs are a recommendation only for Moving Box Packs.

Wardrobe boxWardrobe Boxes unpack your hanging garments straight from your wardrobe onto the metal hanging bar of this wardrobe box. These tall double wall boxes make unpacking a piece of cake clothes stay clean and no need to iron! This item will save you time packing and unpacking and it comes with free next day delivery.

Bubble Wrap terrific for wrapping all of your breakable and valuable items. Just wrap each delicate item with bubble wrap individually and place into boxes to ensure safe delivery, this product comes in different size rolls.

Mattress protector cover Keep your mattresses free of dirt, dust and water damage. Dust can settle especially if your belongings are being stored for any length of time and no matter how clean the van is mattresses can still come into contact with other furniture items that might not be clean.

Sofa protector cover Heavy duty clear polythene sofa cover. Will guard your armchairs against dampness and dirt all through transport or storage they can be reused.

Tissue and Packing Paper vital protection used by removal company professionals. normal newspaper ink rubs off onto your hands and household items. This clean, white paper wrap is ideal for separately wrapping all crockery glass wear and breakable items.

Parcel Tape ideal for bundling and securing all types of household items and boxes adhesive tape to furnish a durable join on your boxes. This tape will secure removal box seals closed and also handy for taping bubble wrap around breakable items.

Tape Dispenser Gun important for any packing jobs. Effortless to use tape gun dispenser for sealing all packing boxes swiftly and effectively okay to use one hand action to dispense and tear your box Sealing tape. You no longer waste time having to search the house for scissors or the start of the tape on the roll.

Jiffy Foam gives your most important belongings lightweight, non abrasive defence. Unlike other padding products, Jiffy Foam keeps its contour to offer repeat protection even round corners, so it is ideal for casing antique furnishings, TV screens and PCs. Jiffy Foam is also environmentally friendly it is CFC free and chemically inert.

Marker Pen be sure to write on each box the room it needs to go in the new house so they can be allocated to the correct room by the removal men this will make your unpacking quicker and more efficient.

  • Pack all cartons tightly and secure with durable tape.
  • Double tape large heavy boxes.
  • Ensure heavy items i.e. books, records are placed in smaller boxes
  • Label all cartons with your family name and number them.
  • All dismantle items pack all bolts, screws, etc for easy access once you arrive at your destination
  • Separate any items that you will transport personally, including keys, documents, money, valuables, etc.
  • Where possible, parcel up crockery and glass wear in bubble wrap or tissue paper to save them being damaged.
  • Try not to have lots of small loose bits and pieces as these can use up time loading and unloading on the removal day – pack items into boxes whenever workable.
Boxes and Bubbles
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