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Our vans carry out full load and part load deliveries across UK to Spain and as part of small removals to Spain our removal and transportation service we are pleased to offer an all-inclusive part load service to get you the best feasible price on your move. twoflagsThis service is ideal for moving small consignments economically and cost effectively. We can coordinate the full contents of your house to be moved by road to all areas of Spain including difficult to get to places like some parts of the Sierra Nevada.

The correct choice of moving company is very important for your peace of mind before and after the relocation to Spain. When you decide to choose the services of Man and Van small removals an experienced removal company in the area of international and European moving, you can be sure that you have made the right choice of moving company. It’s always important to find the experienced movers.

We approach with care and respect every aspect of our work. This is our business style and we are here to answer any questions before during and after your move. We have the experience and flexibility you really need which we have received in years of working in the moving industry. So, relax! You are in the right place.

All our moves to Spain are either door to door or placed in storage until you need delivery.
We can offer you transport throughout the UK and storage in the Midlands and on the Costa Del Sol of all size loads
Door to door service with full in-transit insurance, the vehicle is never left unattended for the duration of the trip. Your goods will be looked after as if they were our own.

We can offer very competitive quotes on return loads from Spain back to the UK.
If you need any advice on your move to Spain we are happy to give no obligation quotes and advice on your Spanish removal enquiry

Moving to Spain areas covered
  • Alicante Removals
  • Torreivieja Removals
  • Madrid Removals
  • Murcia Removals
  • Benidorm Removals
  • Granada Removals
Advice on moving to Spain
If your already at the removal stage you must already have a property so this is just a summary of advice when moving to Espana
Retiring to Spain or just want a better life in the sun, a very crucial part of the moving process when leaving your native soil for a move abroad you can not afford to ignore is the research and planning of your move and the place you are moving to.
Everyone, couple or family has there own motives and reasons for moving to a Spain.
Living and Working in Spain
Living in Spain is a dream for many people, The weather is better than the UK, the Spanish cost of living is lower, and the general feeling is much more relaxed.

Living in Spain is quite different from living in the UK. Traffic jams are shorter, bars open late, eating out is Small removals to Spainnot expensive in fact the cost of living in Spain is generally lower than in the UK and people are generally more relaxed.

Start taking Spanish lessons i started late in life but living with Spanish people you will soon pick it up a lot more the language barrier when moving to Spain can be difficult like when dealing with bureaucracy local authorities and government departments, shopping in Spain (IKEA is now open in Malaga) is possible to get by with not speaking Spanish but it is best to learn the language. Help for British nationals overseas – guidance Living in Spain

Its much more child-friendly too on an ordinary Saturday night in most cities you will find all and sundry from young children to grandparents on the streets and in restaurants having a good time. And of course there’s the great mixture of countryside and wildlife. The out-of-doors life in Andalucia is great for children and adults
Spain is the country of fiestas. In every single city, town and village there is a festival of some kind which gets all the townsfolk out on the streets partying with their neighbours.

There are difficulties to living in Spain too. The telephone company Telefonica can be very frustrating. All though there is Telefonica in English for broadband and phone connection cheap UK calls and free calls in Spain.
You can wait hours for service even in big stores and there is no point at all in trying to tie a Spanish plumber down to a actual time or even day understand not to expect things to happen as you are used to and join in the relaxed manana way of life I do not think you will regret it and i find it is less stressful if your in the same frame of mind!

Before you move to Spain
Future residents should study as much as you can about living in Spain. There are a large number of books published in the UK which give a wide-ranging cultural insight into the country. Comprehension of the Spanish language makes life less trouble-free, in particular when dealing with paperwork.

The course of action of Settling in Spain has been simplified as much as possible. However, it is clearly in their own interests that new residents carry out all the requirements for registering as a resident. This is likely to save them a considerable amount of time and hassle when dealing with other points of the bureaucracy.

Retiring to Spain
Pensioners retiring to Spain should take into account that a basic British pension could be not enough to include all future requirements. The Benefit Agency’s Leaflet, SA29 ‘Your Social Security Insurance, Benefit and Health Care Rights in the EEA’ provides further information more info on retiring to Spain be found at Age concern retiring to Spain You can also visit the Spanish social security website in English. Advice if you are considering moving or retiring overseas including pensions, benefits, tax, your home and health can also be found on this government services site here.
About Spain
Spain is a country nearly as big as France. Together with Portugal, with which it has a lengthy land border on the west, it forms a large peninsula south of the Pyrenees, with the Atlantic Ocean on its western and northern side and the Mediterranean to its south and east.

Household removals to Spain require sensible wrapping and packing to prevent damage to furniture and possessions if doing this your self please read are advice packing tips, We ensure your belongings are packed in the van with expertise and we have the experience to do this with many years in the removal trade, they are of course fully insured.

Low cost cheap removals to Spain Competitive removals removal firms moving to Spain. Its official the British are the rolling stones of Europe moving home an average of twelve times in a lifetime. We move within are own towns and cities and up and down the country. We move around the world more than any other European nation clocking up an average of 443.63 removal miles for every person, many of these moves are to Spain.

British Moving to Spain
British emigration heading for Southern Europe is of particular meaning. Citizens from the European Union make up a growing quantity of immigrants in Spain. They mostly come from countries like the UK and Germany and Scandinavian countries, but the British stance is of special interest due to its amount. The British authorities estimation that the real population of UK citizens living in Spain is a lot larger than Spanish official statistics indicate, determining them at about 1,000,000, about 800,000 being long term residents. According to the Financial Times, Spain is the most most preferred destination for West Europeans considering the move from their own country and seeking jobs and retirement elsewhere in the EU. With this amount of people moving to Spain it can be a home from home but a big enough country to live away from British if you desire.
Useful Spanish phrases
Please, thank youPor favor, gracias
How much?Cuanto es?
Good morning/afternoon/nightBuenos dias – buenas tardes – buenas noches
Excuse mePerdon
How are you?Como esta?
I don’t understandNo entiendo
Do you speak English?Habla usted ingles?
I don’t speak SpanishNo hablo espanol.
I would likeQuisiera
Is there a bankHay un banco
post office near here?correos cerca de aqui?
Do you have?Tiene�?
The timela hora
A double roomuna habitacion con cama matrimonial.
Where is?Donde esta?
The train / bus stationla estacion de ferrocarril – autobuses

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